Durham Taxi Cab Rate System

The table below explains the Taxi Cab Fare System for trips from the Durham City to locations within the Raleigh-Durham service area.

Pursuant to City Code, a surcharge of $1.00 per trip will be added to the taxi fare. Additionally, a fuel surcharge, as approved by Durham City Council, in the amount of $1.00 (according to the price of fuel) may be added.
Durham Taxi Cab Fare Info

Maximum meter rates:

Meter rates are charged for trips within the taxi service area . Fares outside the service area may be charged at the meter rate or negotiated between the customer and driver.

  • $3.60 Drop Charge
  • $0.25 Each Additional 1/8 Mile
  • $0.25 Waiting Time, per 60 seconds
  • $0.25 Each piece of baggage in excess of 3
  • $2.00 Each additional mile
  • $5.60 For first mile
  • No hidden costs. No surprises. Our City Rates is the best

Our Best Rates to Raleigh-Durham International Airport:

Washington Duke Inn $32 Duke University $27
Duke Hospital $32 UNC $35
University Inn $32 UNC Hospital $35
Marriott Civic Center $32 Central Campus $27
Brookwood Inn $32 Station Nine $27
Hilton Durham $32 NCCU $25
Courtyard Marriott $32 NCSSM $27

please call us for a price estimate at (919) 672-8448

Durham Taxi Cab Provides Taxi to and from RDU Airport

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